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Library is a member of VTU consortia. It has subscribed E-Journals: Elsevier Science Direct, IEEE Proceesings Order Plan (POP), Springer,Taylor & Francis, Pro-Quest and Emerald. E-Books: Mint e-Books, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Mc Graw Hill, Elsevier Science Direct and New Age International. Technological Platform: MAP My Access (Cloud Server along with Universal Federation Search and Remote Access)Platform, NetAnalytiks Platform and Turnitin (Plagiarism Software Online Tool). Users can access around 6593 E-Journals and 26707 E-Books.

  E-Journals   E-Portal   No. of e- Resources
298 Journals
5,30,000 papers-from 100 core IEEE Conference titles in POP
690 Journals
585 Journals
4900 Journals and 7800 Abstract
120 Journals
  E-Portal   No. of e- Resources
12125 Books
3469 Books
4950 Books
505 Books
  E-Portal   No. of e- Resources
436 Books
  E-Portal   No. of e- Resources
220 Books
E-Books: 5002
E-Journals: 5700+
E-Books: 10000+
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